Candidates Enter Newly Open Michigan Congressional Races

April 2, 2014

Late March saw two long-standing Republican Michigan Congressmen announce they would not seek re-election this fall.   Rep Mike Rogers (7th term) is heading for a career in radio, while Dave Camp (12th term) is retiring.   The Detroit Free Press provides a rundown of announced and prospective candidates for the two districts.    At this point, the 8th District appears more competitive, with all pundits followed by ElectionsThisYear reclassifying the race from 'safe' to 'leaning' Republican.   Sabato's Crystal Ball updated MI-04 from 'safe' to 'likely' Republican, while the other two pros (Rothenberg and Cook) still showing the race as remaining in Republican hands.

Races: Michigan US House of Representatives District 4, Michigan US House of Representatives District 8

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